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Net is an award-winning communicator and strategic advisor who helps her clients use social media to develop and refine their own personal brand. Her warm, down-to-earth teaching style allows clients to quickly get up to speed and map out an effective social media strategy.

Her passion for empowering others is the driver behind these training sessions. She wants the voices of the talented professionals and upcoming leaders to be heard and be impactful. She believes that social media is the perfect conduit for that. So join her and be ready to stake your claim to your online reputation and begin to build your voice and thought leadership in those areas that you are most passionate about!

Additional class dates and times will be added. Registration is through the secure Eventbrite system. Customized training sessions for you and your organization can be arranged. In addition to the classes, Net also offers Social Media Study Halls.

Using Social Media for Your Personal Brand: Leveraging LinkedIn®


Get started quickly and effectively on social media

A “must have” for business professionals

This 1.5-hour class will:

  • Further your understanding of social media and introduce you to the concept of engagement on social media with LinkedIn®
  • Teach you how to use social media to strengthen and enhance your professional relationships
  • Equip you with a go-forward plan for establishing your presence online and having maximal impact without being overwhelmed
  • Provide you with tools to engage on social media, build your online presence, and develop a personal brand as a professional
  • Coach you on how to have an authentic voice on social media

  • Teach fundamental etiquette so you can move from being intimidated by to embracing social media
  • Share the essentials of a great LinkedIn® profile and experience: connecting, using groups, and following entities

Special add-on offer for attendees: 1-hour individual consulting session with Net to begin designing your own strategy. Consulting session must be scheduled within 4 weeks of the training session.

No pre-requisites. Target audience is novice-level social media users who have little or no presence or engagement on LinkedIn®.


Twitter Basics and Social Media Management with HootSuite

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What’s a tweet? Why would I send one? What’s Twitter for? Can I use it for research? What’s in it for me?

Twitter is a key tool for your personal branding and positioning!

This 1.5-hour class will:

  • Introduce you to the lingo of Twitter (e.g., tweet, stream, RT, hashtag, posts, etc.)
  • Share the fundamentals of Twitter etiquette
  • Unleash the value of Twitter for connecting, capturing research, and gathering intelligence in your business area
  • Show you how to leverage hashtags and lists for staying current in your field
  • Teach you how to set up your HootSuite account as your social media management tool to integrate other social media channels, such as LinkedIn®, Facebook, etc., and to schedule tweets
  • Demonstrate how to use lists, streams, and tabs for tracking and managing your information flow

Special add-on offer for attendees: 1-hour individual consulting session with Net to initiate

customization of your HootSuite tool and/or development of your Twitter strategy. Consulting session must be scheduled within 4 weeks of the training session.

Target audience is novice or early-stage social media users who may be inactive or have limited activity on Twitter.

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